Lancaster EMS is always looking for new members! We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

EMT - Basic
EMT - Advanced

Drivers are responsible for safely getting the ambulance to the scene of an emergency call, retrieving equipment as instructed by EMT's, assisting with loading the patient into the ambulance, and operating the ambulance en route to the hosptial. Our drivers receive training in Emergency Vehicle Operation, and also receive basic CPR training. No other medical training is required.

One EMT-Advanced and One EMT-Basic are generally scheduled per shift. Emergency Medical Technicians must hold a valid Wisconsin EMT-Basic or EMT-Advanced license. We reimburse training and certification costs for members who complete the training and actively respond with our service. EMTs in Training also respond to medical calls as a part of our crew while they are completing their certification course, and are permitted to participate in medical care under the supervision of a licensed EMT. More Information on EMT Training can be found here.

Lancaster EMS also offeres a Ride-Along Program.Anyone that is potentially interested in membership and wants to learn more about the ambulance can request a Ride-Along. Ride-Along participants are never involved in the treatment of patients, and must sign a confidentiality agreement since all medical calls are strictly confidential. Contact us at (608) 723-6321 or email if your are interested.

Click here for a copy of our Application for Membership